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There is two paths we choose in this life. One is wide and one is narrow. One of them you can see far into the predicted future, the other you take one step at a time. One leads to fulfillment, and the other to emptiness. For me, it was over 9 years ago when I made a choice to take the road with which I had no idea where it would lead. I didn’t know at the time, how much would be required of me to stay near it, let alone on it. But, I said yes. I said yes to whatever God wanted to do in my life, wherever that would take me.

November and December have been pretty intense months for me. In November, I traveled down south to visit some family and have Thanksgiving with them. It was on this trip that Holy Spirit began to reveal a lot of things to me. Like a giant puzzle I didn’t know existed, pieces started coming together and a picture of what would become my very near future began to emerge.

After much prayer, thoughtful consideration, and council from people in my life that I love and respect; I made a choice to embrace the opportunity that God is affording me and to begin a transition from Minnesota to Texas. It’s strange how one moment you can be comfortable and used to your surroundings and then, you get seemingly broadsided by possibility. While I had the sense that change was coming, the air of transition around me, I did not know the scale of what was about to happen, or that it would cause me to physically move. Back in 2003, I didn’t know the scale of the change that was going to happen when I first said yes and left home for the first time. Still this day, I am choosing to say yes, yet again.

Pursuing a dream takes a lot of courage.

It feels like a gift, knowing some incredible things are about to unfold in my life, but it is a bittersweet experience, because having to leave people I love and care about is a difficult thing to do. These past 4 and 1/2 years I have lived in the small town of Ottertail, Minnesota, and the years spent here have been life changing because of the people that were a part of it.

With Jesus as my guide, I continue to run this race, with endurance, in pursuit of His perfect will for my life. And although this path may take me away from Minnesota and down to Texas, I will keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, continue to be a part of seeing the Kingdom of God coming to earth, and to continue with my heart desire to play music, and to see the body of Christ strengthened for the journey ahead.

I share my experience that you might be encouraged. Even in the unknown you can not lose heart or become insecure. If you have made a choice to follow Christ, and if you have given Him your life, I guarantee you that it is anything but predictable; but I would follow no other, for Jesus as yet to fail me, and He never will. He is the only reason I am anything. My heart rejoices in following His lead. I thank you for your prayers and support in season ahead!

Here’s to new seasons!


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