Tragedy Into Triumph

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I can’t adequately explain how He does it, but for those who are willing to trust Him, God can make even the most hurtful times of our lives beautiful, and I speak from experience.

This year I have a goal of recording my first ever vocal album, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I received confirmation from the Lord and came to realize that He is most certainly with me. January 13th marked six years from a very traumatic and trying moment/year in my life. In one swift passing of a month, my world began to turn upside down and everything that was steady became unglued, proving once again that only Jesus is the unshakable one.

So on this winter day of January 13th, I received a text message from a friend early that morning. In 3 texts, she said some very encouraging words, and it meant a lot coming from someone who had walked through that years set of unique circumstances along side me. Then moments later something special happened, a melody came. I’ve experienced it before, and of course my heart leapt knowing full well that I was about to write a song. Sure enough about an hour later, my melody took form, and lyric became verse as my mind processed and my fingers typed out the words to my first song of 2012.

The song is called ‘Time Can Heal.’

The title would suggest one thing, the chorus says another. As the song describes in the chorus, time can heal things but God does it so much better.

His ways are higher, and the only way to be made complete and whole is by submitting to the complete work that He wants to do in your heart. Yielding your heart to Him is the smartest and often most challenging thing to do in the midst of trial, but consider the alternative which so many people try and lean on, it’s called human understanding. Without Jesus in the equation, we end up with a sub-par patch job on a broken heart that will never quite heal right unless He’s allowed to come in and do what He does best.

I have faith that I will record an album and it will be created for the purpose of restoring hope to the hearts of people everywhere. An album designed to draw our gaze from our lives onto His life; the life that brings joy, peace, understanding, hope, redemption, and pure unrestrained love. I hope to get a quick demo of the song up for people on YouTube or something, but I’m so glad that God chose to use this January 13th to built a monument of testimony with which I will always remember it by; a day that was once ugly, only to be made beautiful again.


UPDATE | October 15, 2013: 'Time Can Heal' was recorded and released on Coty's vocal album 'Anchor of Hope.' You can listen to the song for free below, it is also available for download on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and on the Google Play store.

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