A New Mission in New Zealand

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Have you ever stepped into a moment when you realized that a part of your life was destined for a certain person, place, or time? In November of 2013, I stepped into one of those moments. It was in New Zealand; a place I had never been and had only ever dreamt of going.

I went for four weeks, and it was a wonderful but challenging trip. In true Jesus form, every difficulty was met with redemption and I was extraordinarily blessed to have met some incredible people along the way. I had before me a new opportunity to take part in watching God restore and renew the lives of many people through music and worship. Something that never grows old.

Through the perseverance came an ease of delivery when I ministered, and a unique awareness that through my walk in life, I had been given something for these people. It’s like having a small piece of your heart roped off for some reason, and then you realize, it was for this place, and these people.

It’s hard to explain the privilege you feel at different times in your walk with the Lord. It can also be perplexing. You find yourself saying “Lord, you want to partner with me? Me!? Really?” There is always a cost to be taken into account, but the reward both here and in eternity, far outweights any sacrifice. I have and continue to count it all joy.

It’s soon to be November again, two years later, and I have been invited back to New Zealand. So one month from now, in obedience, I am headed to minister through worship and speaking in different parts of New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and beyond.) I will also be leading worship and speaking at the Pursuit Worship Weekend at Papamoa Baptist Church in Tauranga, a place that my heart very much connected with two years earlier. The door opened, and I walked through not knowing how everything would play itself out, but that is faith, saying yes and then trusting in the unknown parts.

A few people have asked how they can be a part in sowing into this trip and into New Zealand. In full disclosure, I am looking for help from those who have a heart to sow into and assist me in making this ministry tour as successful as possible. My plane ticket has been covered to get to New Zealand, but as you know there are many many other costs associated with traveling and with ministry, and so I am asking for assistance from those who felt led by Holy Spirit. Some of those costs include (baggage fees, technical equipment, food, in country travel expense, band members, bills at home, etc)

God is fully able and capable to do far above all that we could ask or imagine. And that has been playing itself out in my life since I truly began to follow Him at His word. I committed that wherever He would lead, I would go, and now my steps are leading me back to New Zealand for 35 days.

I will be leaving on October 20th and will return on November 24th. Even if you do not have fund to give, I earnestly ask for your prayer covering while I am there. Jesus is the answer for every need and every person and every heart, and my purpose in going is to create space for Jesus’ to come in power and minister the love of Christ to the Kiwi people.

For those of you partnering with me on any front… thank you. It is a humbling and reassuring to know that I have friends both near and far, surrounding, encouraging and uplifting me as I set me feet to walking out the dreams in God’s heart. This is the journey. He loves the Kiwi people, and will I go as an ambassador and expression of that love that was nailed to a cross and covers me to this very day. It’s the common bond we share with every human around the globe, our need for Jesus’ sacrifice.

I love you all,

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