The Emerald Isle

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Indescribable beauty. I’ve seen pictures for a long time and heard people that have gone there describing how beautiful it was, but no words, pictures, or videos could have adequately described the incredible beauty of this island. The ample creations of God were something to be marveled and were always surrounding us, as were some of the creations of men.

It has already been twenty days since I arrived back in the States. Time is back on it’s regular course of flying by, but thankfully I had the privilege of watching time truly slow down for 23 days during our trip. My friends Luke, Jon, Heidi, and myself landed in Ireland on September 9th and arrived back home on October 1st. In many ways it felt like a time warp. Memories started to blur even while we were still there. I remember one instance where we were trying to remember when a certain event took place on our trip, then moments later we realized that it was only 3 days before. (haha!) It was very unusual to feel like that much time had passed in only 72 hours, but that just goes to show how our time seemed to multiply itself and with 22 other days similar to that one, we got the unique opportunity to truly experience the country of Ireland.

It is a land that is rich in history and beauty. Every random stop we would make seemed to surprise us. The ruins, the mountains, the waterfalls, the ocean, the cliffs, the “one thousand shades of green;” you couldn’t help but feel so close to the Creator. There were so many times that I couldn’t help but just sit and attempt to absorb what it was that you were feeling in these places. Most of the time it wasn’t possible, but thankfully in some spots it was. I often thought God must have had an amazing time creating this island. From Giant’s Causeway to Slieve League, and from the Cliffs of Moher to the Ring of Kerry, we encountered grandeur displays of God’s might, His Eloquence, His Majesty, His Power, and His Delight.

It’s an island that is relative in size to Indiana, yet with every mile we drove there was just something truly rich about the land. We would leave one destination and after driving for only an hour the landscape would start to change and morph into something new, something we hadn’t yet seen. It was a trip full of discovery, and rich in memories. My favorite thing I brought back from the trip was the memories I made with my friends. Our memories were something created in a land rich with creativity and something that will last beyond this age.

I look forward to the day I get to return to Ireland, and I know with confidence that I will be returning. There has always been an indescribably special place in my heart for Ireland, and it’s not something that just went away after a 23-day visit; which is fine with me. I can be patience until I get to visit again. I count it as such a privilege that I got to go to Ireland. Something truly changed in my heart. It’ll take more than 3 weeks to understand all of what that is, but it’s something for me to discover in the months to come. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers while I was gone. I was sad to leave Ireland, but I am glad to be home.

Please feel free to go to my Facebook and look at the picture journal we took while we were in Ireland. I have 5 albums that I narrowed down from about 2,700 pictures. Enjoy some of these fond memories from our trip.


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