The Blessing Called Winter

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One thing I have learned from living in a few different places, both warmer, Texas and Georgia and cooler, Michigan and Minnesota, is that Winter is a blessing.

I grew up, for the first twenty years of my life, in the great state of Michigan. Around November every year we would get our first snow. And then, it usually wouldn’t shut off. The great lake of Michigan gives the coast what’s called lake effect snow, all... winter… long. Then, during 2009-2013, I lived in a small rural town in the tundra of Minnesota. There, we got our share of snow, but more severe than that, was the temperatures. It was not unheard of to get down to around -20F to -30F, (-29C to -35C) at night, during the middle of winter.

I live in North Georgia now, and this morning I woke up to a blanket of white. Even now as I type it’s snowing outside my windows, where the sparrows, cardinals, and warblers are taking turns getting bird seed. They also seem to be taking rather long breaks sitting in the protection of the feeder. But my heart, nevertheless, is happy because, I miss “real” winter.

Down south, you have a very mixed opinion of snow and winter in general. I’m surrounded by people who for the most part love the beach and even more, the sun. Until August hits. But up north, around February comes the “winter blues,” where you’ve had enough of the white stuff which has turned dirty brown in spots anywhere near pavement, and you’re ready for spring.

But one thing that I've found that most people seem to miss, is that Winter is a tremendous blessing.

Winter is a tremendous blessing.

In the day in age we are living in, it’s becoming even more so. Snow is creations way of slowing us down. I remember when living in up north, it’s when we all seemed to have ample time to spend with one another. Long dinners around the table, game nights, and just sitting around a fire talking; there’s suddenly time for it. You can’t just come and go and keep the endless 24/7/365 cycle of busyness going like you can from March - November, nature actually forces you to slow down.

Stop the madness, the rushing, the overbooking, the insane to-do lists that never end. And just pause. Pause. Stop and take count of that which you have and those whom you share it with. It’s beautiful. Yes, we keep working and have plenty to do, but the pace at which we move slows down just as the snow covers up all the busyness of color with one singular blanket of white. Winter, is important. And while the inventions of man have done a lot in the past century to deal with it, you still can’t beat it from time to time, and that’s okay.

So to my southern friends, soak it in, because as the temps come back up in the next day or so, you’ll be back to your insane schedules and constant stream of busyness. And to those in the north, even in February, take a moment to thank God for the blessing of Winter. Thank him for the natural force, the gift of snow, that causes you to slow down for a moment and breathe. You don’t realize it’s true value until it’s gone.

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    Thanks Coty. And because of snow, I actually had time to read this post, appreciate it, and write a response. Imagine that! Blessings!

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