Reprogramming a Socially Hijacked Society

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Things are changing. People have changed. And society has been hijacked. Much of what I'm saying has being realized by some, but few people are actually making any changes to try and usher in the change that is necessary to repair the damage done. So, if you care to join me, we can start today. We can begin to chart a new course for ourselves, our loved ones, our children, our communities, and our future. One where robots and computers are helpful tools in our day to day life, and stop replacing human interaction.

There is an epidemic this hour. In the wave of a technological evolution our society has been hijacked of it's arguably most valuable assets. Human connection. It's a basic human need and a means by which great things are accomplished. Right up there with water, food, and shelter, the need to be seen is vitally important to the well-being of every person. Before we talk about solutions, I think it's important we take a look in the mirror and understand the problem and how it is effecting each of us.


If you ask someone the simple question, “How are you?,” you shouldn't be waiting for the automated, “Good, How are you?” That response rarely contains much truth. I'm guilty of it, just like the next person, but I want to have value in my words. I want someone to hear me say that and think, "He's telling the truth." "He really wants to know how I am." Cause isn't that really what we are guilty of... lying?

You say, "How are you?," not really caring how they are, and they respond "Good," or "Fine," not really telling you the truth either. If we don't give a crap how someone is doing, then why ask? Because it's your obligation? Because you pity them? If that's your reasoning, then save your words, because chances are Siri could ask a person how they are doing and be more genuine than you are capable of being. And even more disturbing would be to think of how many people would be willing tell Siri the truth.


There is an awesome quote by author Jim Elliot where he says, "Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” Whether you're at lunch with a friend, at the bank depositing money, at church, in school, driving, jogging, cooking; wherever you are, BE ALL THERE. There is nothing more discouraging than going to have lunch with a friend, only to have to share them with the 300 acquaintances in their contacts, their 700 Twitter followers, the 1,400 friends they have on Facebook, and their 900 Instagram followers. You'd actually be surprised by this, but phones are actually equipped with a button that turns your notification sounds off during important events. (Insert Sarcasm.)

So, I'm going to ask you to make a decision with me. I know I said I was gonna wait on the solutions front, but this one can't wait. LET'S CHOOSE. Who's it going to be? The thousands of digital transmissions sent out to one another, or the person in the flesh sitting in front of you at the table? Don't make excuses, just choose now, and never go back. Your texts, status updates, photo uploads, and emails can ALL wait for 30 minutes. I promise they will still be there when you get done.


It doesn't take the newest gadget or a million dollars, you can meet people's very basic need for human interaction with just a few minutes of your day, a few words spoken, or even a simple smile. Jesus, was the best at it. He knew when and how to interact with people, and He acknowledged everyone. They felt love by the way He looked at them. So, to me it begs the question, are we doing our very best to acknowledge the existence of the world around us, and the people in it? It truly takes very little to accomplish that, but in today's world it seems as though you're asking a lot of people.. I'm going to spend the next few weeks mulling over this epidemic and it's solutions with you. I am far, very far from perfect and am in need of as much help and grace as the next person, but I feel an urgency to get this corrected now, before it's too late.

Here's a reality check. I am very aware, and you should be too, that the advancements in technology won't stop. And frankly, I'm not looking for them to stop, but either we begin to learn how to wield this powerful weapon, or it will absolutely run us over. (And I'm not talkin' the Terminator II stuff, I'm talking hijacking our minds and our way of life.) You and I both have the ability to effect this world, so don't settle for what this hijacked society is selling, a narrative where ultimate power and relationship come through a screen and a blue thumbs up, but hold on to the truth that your human interactions and personal impact on one's life will far outweigh the witty quotes, videos shared, pictures taken, and yes... even blogs written.



Feel free to share your stories, thoughts, and comments below.

I should let people know that I am very much pro-technology. This isn't a charge against technology and the wonderful things that have been afforded us, but, it is a charge against our willingness to be ruled and controlled by a society that values robot interaction over human heart to heart contact.

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