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Coty Sloan — Anchor Of Hope
Release date : Oct. 15, 2013
  1. The Sea That Forgets
  2. Rewrite This Tragedy
  3. It Might Be Hope
  4. Pins & Needles
  5. Solace In The Night
  6. Time Can Heal
  7. Monet
  8. Closer
  9. Just For You
  10. Be Enthroned
  11. I'm Yours

Anchor Of Hope

ANCHOR OF HOPE // Release Date: October 15th, 2013

With this album, I turn a new page as I use my voice to tell a new story. A story of hope.

Hebrews 6:18 & 19, “So God has given both his promise and his oath. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for God to lie. Therefore, we who have fled to him for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us. This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.”

I feel as though sometimes people are afraid to get real, afraid to allow themselves to feel, and afraid of what might happen if they actually let go of their hurts. I’ve been there before and I’ve felt those feelings myself at times. We all will encounter trial and struggle in life, but God is the one who makes those things the most beautiful parts of our story, and only he can do a work like that, and create a project like this. ‘Anchor Of Hope’ is my collection of songs. They are both close to my heart and it’s contents will bring life to the listener.

For people in the midnight hour of life, you may be walking through your darkest valley in the darkest hour of your life, but there is HOPE to be found. The stories in these songs are not mine alone, they are free to become yours. Your song of redemption, your song of restoration, your song of healing. It is my prayer that your focus on your circumstance will be blinded by the light of the world who is coming to bring hope and restore joy to your heart.

For people who have known pain and hurt, I hope that you will find reflection in these songs and look back on your own life being reminded of how God intervened and showed himself faithful. I trust that His character and attributes will be cemented even more into your heart as we look and prepare to be shaped and molded by Jesus’ perfect ways.

For people that love to worship; this album is my declaration, as well as yours. This album is designed to draw people into a place of hope, gratefulness, and worship. We live to declare the might works of God, and to share our story with the world. We are called to be light, so let’s lay down our lives once more, that we might burn brighter than the sun, radiating a narrative of hope and love for all the world to see.

People everywhere are longing to be anchored to a real hope. A stability and beacon that shines bright though every storm and every trial we face. Having hope produces life and the ability to shape the rest of our days on our journey through time, with the Creator of the Universe by our side. Let us Anchor our souls to the one who is true and the one who is always faithful to bring hope.



The Sea That Forgets
©Coty Sloan Music 2013
Verse 1:
I went down to the river
A man He came to me
He told me of a secret
A place where even I could become free, become free.
He led me down the river
Until I saw the sea
A darkness fills the waters
But grace grows on it’s shores forevermore, forevermore.
He told me of a sea that forgets my wrongs
The darkest hours of my days are gone
And while I wanted to jump in, erase the memory
I knew this was not my sea
But then He came and found me
Verse 2:
The darkness of the waters, The beauty of this place
I wanted to escape but, I knew that peace would come if I just stayed
I sat until the sunset, Reflecting on my days
Remembering the hurts and the valleys I just wanted to erase
It’s my story, the pain and the valley
You will find me here, on the shores of the sea
Cause in these water, a power to forget
And to remember the power to forgive
Now you’re wiping every tear
I know now why you brought me here 
Rewrite This Tragedy
©Sara Groves Music 2005
Verse 1:
Tonight I forgot a line in the play that you and I
Have been rehearsing since the day we met
It made me put down my script, made me look around a bit
And wonder how we came to play these parts
I’m here to re-write this tragedy
One line at a time
Hold on, I’m changing all the scenery
It’s okay we’ll be fine
Cause we know how this ends
We know there’s a better story
Verse 2:
Sometimes it’s hard to tell what to keep and what to kill
What of this makes us who we are
All that we love the most, all that we cannot let go
How much of change can we survive?
There’s a better story
Of true love, of true grace
There’s the hope of glory
Our first chance to be truly brave
It’s the place we’re going
Where we can’t stay where, where we are
It Might Be Hope
©Sara Groves Music 2007

Verse 1:
You do your work the best that you can
You put one foot in front of the other
Life comes in waves and makes its demands
You hold on as well as you’re able

You’ve been here for a long long time

Hope has a way of turning its face to you
Just when you least expect it
You walk in a room, you look out a window 
And something there leaves you breathless
You say to yourself, it’s been a while since I felt this
But it feels like it might be hope

Verse 2:
It’s hard to recall what blew out the flame
It’s been dark here since you can remember
You talk it all through to find it a name
As days go on by without number
Pins & Needles
©Coty Sloan Music 2013
Verse 1:
I was broken from the start
Shattered by the fall of man
Now a million miles apart
Between there and where I am
My myriad of defensive vices
Have kept me a slave to the lie
I can’t keep silent these voices
Blindness is no alibi
I feel the winds of change, blow
I feel the warmth again, flow through my veins
Like pins and needles
I hid away for years, sleeping
Woke up from the dream, to find it again
The Kingdom within
Verse 2: 
I’m walking out my dream
Trying hard to come alive
The scales are being torn
Aware of what’s bonafide
The world kept the truth so elusive
The steep cost of coming alive
Complacency fighting to smother
The flame that is stirring inside
This message may sound all too simple
But what if you’re living a lie
Relentlessly building your castle
Content in your slumber tonight
Well I’ve lived in this numbness for too long
I know I am guilty as charged
But when truth confronted my darkness
This terrible dream had expired
Strongholds must fall, for the Kingdom is coming.
Your castle must fall, for the Kingdom is coming.
Your fortress must fall, for the Kingdom is coming.
Your kingdom must fall, for He is here.


Solace In The Night
©Coty Sloan Music 2013

Verse 1:
You’ve walked along this road a while
Seeming without end
The darkness you felt yesterday
Today it’s here again

Treading gravel underneath your feet
With trees on every side
Life is all around you still
You feel alone tonight

Hold on widowed, I’ve seen the light
Where the day dreams solace in the night
So long Winter, Spring’s arrived
I feel it growing, it’s rising from the night
It’s solace in the night

Verse 2:
While you weather through this storm
It’s hard to understand
How that which stood for all things good
Could make you feel so bad

Though this pain is hard to bare
And it lasts through the night
Look to the horizon cause
Your joy comes with the light

The binding of your books destroyed
The story of your life
Although there are pages everywhere
There’s blank ones left to write


Time Can Heal
©Coty Sloan Music 2013
Verse 1: 
Another day, I wake up in the morning
And the first thought that comes to mind is here we go again
Here we go again
The wound is raw, I wonder if it’s healing?
I feel the pain, it’s deep inside, I need a remedy
I need the remedy
Everything that happens, whether good or bad
It has its season, it has it’s day
I know with You there’s good things, left to be had
If there’s one thing You’ve taught me
Time can heal, but you can do it better
Time can heal, but you can do it better
Time can heal, but you can do it better
Time can heal, but you can do it better
Verse 2:
The pain I’ve caused, the mistakes that I’ve made
It’s in my mind, I wonder now will it ever go away?
How could it go away?
Locked in this cage, time is passing me by
Looking for freedom and knowing there’s a day I’ll see the light
Let me see Your light
You’ve taught me this one thing,
That in Your arms there’s healing
And even now they’re reaching
With unending grace
©Coty Sloan Music 2013
Verse 1:
There is a box
It’s hinges rusted
A mystery locked away
The key it turns
The doors they open
A blackened, stained Monet.
Chorus 1:
The light brings His beauty, erodes all decay
And the flesh that was buried starts breathing
The wind stirs a dust cloud, that now clears away
As the memory of life returns
Verse 2:
Inside this box
Are hands now trusted
The prize to be restored
The case is cleaned, the hardness fleeting, the stains to be no more
Chorus 2:
The artist takes pleasure, it is His delight
To come and restore, to make new
The darkness now yielding gives way to the light
The worthless now valued again
Awakened and beating Monet lives again
on display for the eyes of the world
A heart that was broken, and soiled by the dark
Has now been made whole, and entrusted to me
He takes two steps back, and He hands me the key
Verse 3:
There is a box
It’s hinge’s rusted
A mystery locked away
The doors they close
The key now locking
This beautiful Monet
©Coty Sloan Music 2013
Verse 1:
It doesn’t always make sense, but I’m running
This is a mountain with no peak, still I’m climbing
The thought of how it changed with a whisper, Oh the mystery in Your words
And when I can’t even see you, still You’re drawing, You’re drawing me
Just a little closer, And I’ll see you
And I’ll know you
Just a little closer, And I’ll see you
And I’ll know you, like You want me to
Verse 2:
Sometimes You slip away through my fingers, still I’m dreaming, awake
The ground became the sky when You touched me, how you move me, so deeply
The universe hears my heart shouting, a silent song that can describe this feeling
Again I hear my name as it’s whispered, oh so softly, You’re calling me
It’s like I’m meeting You for the first time
But it’s as though I’ve known You all my life
Now I’m living for these chances to meet You
Just to glance into your eyes
Just For You
©Coty Sloan Music 2013
Verse 1:
This is a song in the night for you,
When all hope has faded and you’ve been waiting
This is a song in the night for you
When you have been looking for answers and saying
This is too heavy, Will help come?
Do you know the One who’s faithful, who’s proven He is true
Do you know the One who’s able, singing over you
Do you know the One who’s coming, to wrap you in His arms
He is everything you’ve needed
He’s coming just for you.
Verse 2:
This is a song in the night for you
When the darkness gets heavy and the flame has gone out
This is a song in the night for you
When you are discouraged, defeated and beaten
Pre-Chorus 2:
Pick your head up, the sun will come
Verse 3:
This is my song in the night for you
When you have been broken in so many pieces
This is my song in the night for you
When you’ve been waiting for someone to come
Be Enthroned
©Travis Vaad Music 2010
Be enthroned upon my heart oh God
Only You are worthy of my praise
And in the fullness of Your majesty
Come great King of Glory take Your place
You alone, are God
And my heart cries out for You
You alone, are God
And my soul it longs for You
I’m Yours
©Brian Whalen 2011
Broken from the start my heart just
Shattered in the light of perfect love
That a fool as I could find
Forgiveness in Your arms, exalts You more
All my hopes, my dreams, my God You know You
Capture every tear, You have captured all of me
And I know and I know I’m Yours
Jesus You have changed me so completely
Life is grace and mercy
Life is You and You are mine
And I know yes I know I’m Yours
And I know still I know I’m Yours
And I know and I know I’m Yours
I’m Yours