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Some look upon the sun as it rises behind the mountains
or as sets along the sea stopping the sands of time.

Some hold it in a flower. Petals filled by brilliant colors,
a scent with something that brightens the eyes.

Some say it’s held in a smile. The way they looked and ever so slightly grinned,
and somehow said a thousand words without an ounce of sound.

Some hold it in their arms. A lover, a child, a parent, a friend.
It’s something tangible, a hug to hold, and a cherished goodbye.

Some fly to the places unknown.
The fuel of discovery that turns the imagined into reality.
Breathing, seeing, and walking through a place that needed proof of it’s existence.

Some read it in books.
A desire to fill volumes in the mind with something of unique wisdom; 
legacies lived out before our time,
triumphs that are now shared through the ages of men.

Some find it in the past.
The places they have been, people they have met,
the joys that marked their minds forever,
and the pains that left their scars there as well.

Some see it in the future.
The hope of what is unseen. The imagined outcome that doesn’t yet exist.
The days beyond, those that are yet to be lived, with all the memories that are waiting there,
still waiting to realized.

It’s a mystery how inspiration is found
or how it can so easily be missed.

But I choose to find it now.

I choose to find it now in a man who was slain before the foundations of the world. I choose to see it in the One who has given me every good and perfect gift in life.

He is the sun, the mountains, the flowers, and the sea. He gave me a smile and friendships to cherish. Gave me the opportunity to see His creation around the world and the ability to feel and enjoy the impact of history.

He is the hope for my future, and the shining star of my past. He is everything I have ever wanted, and the only thing I have truly ever had. For in all of the small things, He was there, remains here now, and will always be. How could I walk in a moment not being inspired by the Life that was laid down so that I might live now, and share eternity at His side?

My inspiration is Him. My inspiration is all around.

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Coty Sloan

Coty Sloan is a singer/ songwriter and violinist with a passion for the presence of God. His mission with music is to create an atmosphere where the Spirit of God is welcome, and where hearts and lives can be changed.

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