Meet Coty

In 1994, After a 4th grade school assembly where a string quartet played the pink panther theme song, Coty decided he wanted to play violin. 2 weeks later he began playing, and...
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later, he's still playing.

A Brief History

A singer, songwriter, and violinist, Coty has a passion for the presence of God to be felt and experienced through worship. His mission with music is to create an atmosphere where the Spirit of God is welcome, and where hearts and lives can be changed.

After attending Christ for the Nations institute and having traveled extensively both as a solo violinist and working alongside Rick Pino, Kari Jobe, Firestarters; Coty found himself playing all over the United States and internationally, having ministered in New Zealand, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Belize, and the Philippines.

His albums, Anchor of Hope,’ and ‘Melodies of the Spirit,’ accurately demonstrate the multi-dimensional expression that Coty carries. The albums feature original songs written, co-produced, and arranged by Coty himself, along with some incredible artists and musicians.

He currently calls North Georgia of the United States, home and is married to his wife Katie, from Australia.

While music is not his full-time job, it is a lifelong calling and pursuit to find the heart of God in the midst of a wide and growing worship culture.

The Sound in Coty’s Words

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“I think one way to describe it would be that I try and paint pictures with music. It’s an unusual way to describe it, but that’s often how listeners describe it to me. When I play music whether in a concert venue or during a worship service, sometimes I take moments to share the heart behind certain songs, or the meaning behind a sound or lyric, but I have often found that the music itself is capable of something more powerful than words are.

There is something of an unlocking of the heart and crumbling of walls that happens when the Spirit of God engages people as I sing and/or play. I don’t know how to explain it all, other than to be grateful at what I have witnessed in the past. The beauty found in seeing sound move through people and the impact it has on their hearts; it’s a powerful and beautiful happening. I’m privileged and humbled every time I am invited to sing and play my music for listening ears, but watching the Holy Spirit work in the midst of it all, that takes the cake every time.”

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