Be Enthroned

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My friends Brian & Ramey Whalen were the first to introduce this song to me when I lived in Minnesota. The moment I had heard this song my heart had so strongly connected itself to it. Little did I know I would end up meeting and becoming friends with it’s writer, Travis Vaad and recording his song, ‘Be Enthroned.’

Travis was visiting in Minnesota, and after we had co-led a little coffee house style set, he said to me, “You need to record that song.” Let me tell you that it’s a very humbling thing to have the writer of a song you admire, tell you that you need to record it. And it takes a very humble person to even suggest that. That was the second time it had happened to me, but it was no less humbling than the first, but an equally humble guy. But, that’s another story, for another day.

‘Be Enthroned’ is a song of worship and a song of exposing the heart. Whenever I hear the song, I can always see a massive throne room inside of the heart chamber, and so I tried my best to go into the recording studio and to take a song of worship and paint it into a story using the music. I imagined a giant hall with tall ceilings and columns lining each side. The huge double doors open as the King comes into the room, and straight in front of Him and then other end of this hall is the¬†Throne that is rightly His.

As he walks along the red carpet from the door to be seated yet again on that throne, there is a since of honor and royalty that overwhelms the room. I wanted to use the second chorus to build the anticipation of him approaching that throne. Then, as He makes His way up the stairs and into the seat, the room explodes in celebration, thus the instrumental part of the song with my violin.

I can still feel every ounce of every part of this story play itself out every time I head the song. We will walk through life dethroning different things that would try and challenge His rightful place in our hearts. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but the Throne will ALWAYS belong to Him, our part is to keep moving forward and to protect His place within our hearts, because it is all about the heart.

Listen to ‘Be Enthroned‘ for free on SoundCloud.

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